How AppExchange helped us and our customers !

2012 – In May, launched First Appexchange App – Product Bundle (Kits) In June, First Customer signs-up 2016 – 3 Appexchange Apps – Product Bundle (Kits), Quote PDF & iClone 90+ 5 Star ratings 80+ Customers ranging from Global Fortune 500 companies to Small Enterprise 100% Year-On-Year Growth 50 New Leads Per Month without paid […]

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How to show single currency value in multi-currency Org ?

If multi-currency is enabled in your Org and if a Quote is generated in a different currency than Corporate Currency, number fields are displayed in both the currencies. If you want to show single currency values, here are the workarounds – 1. Disable following setting under Manage Currencies -“Parenthetical Currency Conversion is not enabled”. NOTE: […]

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Lightweight CPQ to boost Sales !!

Make your Sales Reps life easier for things that matter to them – sell more with smile on their faces :)… with our simple & plug-n-play CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) Apps on Appexchange. Choose CPQ/Product Bundle (Kits) & Quote PDF apps to – Speed up Sales – Sales reps hate the data entry portion of keying in the […]

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Steps to manage app User licenses

Here are the steps to provision the application licenses to Users – Go to Setup >> Build >> Develop >> Installed Packages >> Click “Manage Licenses” next to the installed app

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How to upgrade Appexchange Apps?

Following are the steps to be followed for upgrading the applications – 1. No need to uninstall existing version 2. Go to AppExchange and click “Get It Now” and follow the instructions 3. On rare occasions we deprecate existing fields and objects and replace it with new ones. So you may have to update page […]

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How to make work for B2C instead of B2B?

By default is configured for B2B where generally a Sales representative or Marketing professional deals with Companies and Contacts in that company. But what if customers are individuals like if my customers are Students who do not belong to a Company ?? In that case, it will be difficult to log them as a […]

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Cloud Computing

How an organization can make more profits? By generating more sales? Yes, but what about cutting expenses also? It’s a big investment in IT hardware & software as the company grows and even if a company is not an IT company, it’s imperative to invest on IT infrastructure which may digress them sometime from their […]

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Why CRM ?

Some time back i called up Dominos’ to order Pizza and i was really surprised & happy to know that Dominos’ really works towards Customer delight because as soon as i told them my cell number, they confirmed my name and residence address. A true example of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) . I was just […]

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