Why CRM ?

Some time back i called up Dominos’ to order Pizza and i was really surprised & happy to know that Dominos’ really works towards Customer delight because as soon as i told them my cell number, they confirmed my name and residence address. A true example of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) . I was just wondering that how much Dominos’ is gaining by implementing this fantastic feature apart from making me happy.  Just to count few – they have increased their productivity drastically because for every order on phone, even if 50% addresses are stored in their CRM, they reduced order booking time,  one guy can take more orders as compared to the situation where he has to key in every detail of the customer (even for repeat orders), they have a good database for sending promotions etc.

In today’s competitive world, in any organization CRM should be given a serious thought. CRM’s usage starts right from lead capturing to project delivery. It’s very important to not only keep a track of leads but effective reporting for analysis is also very important to drive your business to right direction.

With the surge in Social Media activities, a ubiquitous CRM solution like Salesforce.com can add great value because of it’s capability to be accessible from a PC & Mobile devices because of it’s Cloud hosted model which requires only an internet connection.