Cloud Computing

How an organization can make more profits? By generating more sales? Yes, but what about cutting expenses also?

It’s a big investment in IT hardware & software as the company grows and even if a company is not an IT company, it’s imperative to invest on IT infrastructure which may digress them sometime from their actual goals or focus because it might take lot of time and effort to manage the IT infrastructure and the manpower to handle that. Isn’t it a good idea if we don’t need to buy a single server? If there is no server, why to hire a System Admin to maintain the servers?

The answer to all these questions lies in Cloud computing which provides all the necessary components to build complete infrastructure with less amount of effort. We used Amazon EC2 services in one of our projects and it was awesome to have a Server instance within 15-20 minutes and that too an image of the running server with last minute settings. Is it achievable if we try to build a new server ourselves ? A System Admin knows how much it takes to do that & an IT head know what’s the cost involved in that., another splendid platform from which provides amazing capability to build IT applications online and the application development time reduces a lot because it provides many configuration features which are just point & click. Also, as it’s hosted on Cloud, no investment on Servers, Database or any other Software. Another great feature, if you have access to internet you have access to your application.

This is future ……. it seems…