Lightweight CPQ to boost Sales !!

GoCloudz CPQ Benefits

Make your Sales Reps life easier for things that matter to them – sell more with smile on their faces :)… with our simple & plug-n-play CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) Apps on Appexchange.

Choose CPQ/Product Bundle (Kits) & Quote PDF apps to –

  1. Speed up Sales – Sales reps hate the data entry portion of keying in the products one by one with standard Salesforce search and enter method. With Bundles, they can search & add any number of Products to Opportunity or Quote with just few clicks. This improves their productivity drastically which results in more sales day-by-day.
  1. Generate Accurate Quote with Right Pricing

– With features like volume discounts & segmentation, Sales Reps can generate accurate quotes fairly quickly. Eliminate the need of manual calculation and reduce the risk of fat-fingering, especially when there are different pricing models for different products. Imagine amount of time they waste by looking at external spreadsheets and pricing errors because of that. Bigger the organization, more are the chances of inaccurate quotes. GoCloudz eliminates the pricing error completely and helps improve company financials.

– By having bundles with various Products combinations, it’s easy to control the Products allowed to be added to a quote.   Reduce the risk of Sales Reps adding invalid product or forgetting to add an important one.

  1. Integrate with ERP/Financial Systems – Being 100% native app, your existing opportunity/quote integration will work just fine to see bundles added to Opportunity or Quote, you do not have to change anything! Additionally you can easily piggy-back on existing integration to export all your Bundles and line items.


  1. Access Information globally– No need of external spreadsheets and eliminate pricing data scattered on individual PCs. Using Product Bundle app, all pricing attributes and related pricing is stored in one single repository. Use standard reports and dataloader to easily make changes. Being native app, control data accessibility/visibility through standard SFDC out-of-box security methods.


  1. Setup and Use with snap – In 10-15 minutes you can start building Bundles & not much hand holding is required to make it operational in any Org. 50% of our customers have configure the App on their own. Also, we have kept native SFDC look-n-feel, which makes it easy for users to adapt the tool with minimum training required.


  1. Deliver Professional Quotes FASTER – Generate professional, customized and branded quotes in no time using Quote PDF. Optionally send for Docusign e-signature and track each quote in real time. Send accurate Quotes and Proposals to right contact in no time.


  1. Utilize all SFDC native features – No need to learn new skills, being 100% native and your system admin can easily customize them as per the business requirements.

– Integrate with external systems

– Approvals processes for faster decision making

– Security settings to control data accessibility/visibility

– Generate Reports and Dashboard using out-of-box reporting

– Supports multi-currency and multi-lingual features

– Create Workflow rules to meet your business needs