How AppExchange helped us and our customers !

2012 –

2016 –

  • 3 Appexchange Apps – Product Bundle (Kits), Quote PDF & iClone
  • 90+ 5 Star ratings
  • 80+ Customers ranging from Global Fortune 500 companies to Small Enterprise
  • 100% Year-On-Year Growth
  • 50 New Leads Per Month without paid marketing


We are here because of Appexchange

First of all HUGE Congrats to Salesforce team for Appexchange’s 10th B’day & relentless focus to make it one of the best App Marketplaces to work with!!

AppExchange and GoCloudz story kind of aligns. AppExchange was launched in 2006, same year we decided to add as one of the offerings. Back then, we were an IT Consulting & Services firm so strategically it did make lot of sense. 3 years into Salesforce and we were serving all kinds of customers, big and small. The platform was (and still is) the real strength. The platform amazed us so much that Summer of 2011, we decided to try our hands on AppExchange Our research indicated promising CRM market and growing need of ready-to-use apps. By now we had good Salesforce team, strong expertise and also aware of platform limitations (which was very crucial). After doing initial research, we launched our first app Product Bundle (Kits) in 2012 on AppExchange . We got very good response from other partners and customers alike. The strategy to keep the app free paid off. We got our list of enhancements for free! Thanks to AppExchange for making it very easy to launch apps and keep making updates to it.

We acquired our very first customer, a Global healthcare company, in just few days! And zero marketing dollar spent! This was a turning moment to our long term strategy and AppExchange made us addicted. In coming years, we launched 2 more applications – Quote PDF & iClone . We cannot thank enough to AppExchange for making our dreams come true.

AppExchange has given a reason to be in the Business for us….


Business Growth

Back in 2012 we had 5 customers which grew many folds in 2013 and we got overwhelmed by the leads which got generated in 2014 through AppExchange. At the moment 70% leads were generated through AppExchange & we have noticed more than 100% increase in the download rate in last couple of years.

AppExchange coupled with License Management System (LMA) provides amazing lead Management tool with useful data being captured. It provides rich & central repository to showcase App details, documentation, customer reviews & cross-selling opportunities.

We are proud to say that it’s AppExchange which brought us where we are today!!


Our apps & customers –

We are focused on highly competitive CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) market with big names in the competition. Features like powerful keyword search on AppExchange has helped us stay stronger in the competition and many of our customers (including some real big names) chose our apps over many other famous apps.

Our flagship apps – CPQ/Product Bundle (kits) & Quote PDF are making Sales team’s lives way easier on day-to-day basis by helping them choose right products to sell on right pricing & discounts. We have small to very large Corporations using these apps for improving accuracy & quality of their quotes/invoice/contracts.

Our other app iClone is a huge time saver for Users who use Clone feature very often.

Customer reviews has been most important aspect to develop & improve our apps and we listen to them very carefully on AppExchange. Customers have rated us 5 Star & AppExchange has given us a good platform to showcase that.


Here are some of the recent customer reviews

Tuscanie Ngwena – Great Business Partners – Responsive Support Team.


This app came out tops when reviewed a few other apps. It works well, very simple and has become more intuitive through the latest releases. The set up, and the ability to clone bundles has been a huge factor for us. Above all, the support team is extremely responsive, critical when you are in a fast past growth company! Thanks V!

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Alejandro Soriano – How did we survive so long???

5StarRatingSalesforce recommended this app and boy I am happy. Just by looking the screenshots, I knew we found our dream app. It does exactly what we were hoping to build and very easy to setup. Thank you GoCloudz.


Mitch B – Works perfectly, great support!

5StarRatingWe have used this app for a year now. It is a huge time saver if you have to add more than 5 products to an order over and over. We sell many different bundles and our sales reps used to hate the data entry portion of keying in the products one by one with the slow Salesforce item search and enter method. Now with GoCloudz it’s a snap and the salespeople love it and sell more! This is a great app, it works perfectly, and support is highly responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this app.

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Looking forward to everlasting association with & AppExchange, Thanks again!!