Order Management and Renewals

GoCloudz CPQ - Orders and Renewals for Salesforce

Overview #

Order Management and Renewal is one of the apps of GoCloudz CPQ suite that automates Order and Renewals end-to-end. The app is 100% force.com native that can be customized to meet your business needs on what the downstream impacts are once an Opportunity is Closed-Won or Quote is Paid

If you are not using Order Management already, you may wonder what it is or why do I need it? All good questions.  In a nutshell, order management helps keep track of orders and manage the processes required to fulfill them. Besides keeping track of the order and managing data around the customer, it also helps answer below questions –

  • What is the past order history?
  • Did customer pay on time?
  • Is a customer high-volume customer?

Following are the key features of this app –

  • Lightning enabled
  • 100% native Salesforce App
  • Increase sales visibility
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Improves efficiency of purchase operations
  • Supports custom fields and business rules

Installing App #

1. Go to AppExchange to install the app

2. Login to Production or Developer Edition org where you would like to install the app

3. Click “Get It Now” button

4. Select “Install in Production” or “Install in Sandbox”

5. Select the checkbox and click “Confirm and Install”

6. Select “Install for All Users” and click “Install”. This is recommended approach because it will apply all necessary permissions to the profiles for this app. You can easily provision/revoke access to certain users using manage license option.

You should get an email notification once the app is successfully installed. Usually it takes about 2-3 minutes for installation.


Default Configuration 

As soon as the app is installed, please review configuration section to map default field values.

Process Flow #

Order Management and Renewals helps automate Opportunity=>Quote=>Order=>Renewal Opportunity flow thereby increasing the fulfillment efficiency and reducing overall “sales cycle”. Below flow shows typical example of Order Management and Renewals in Salesforce, but you can tweak it to meet your business needs, including integrating with external Accounting and Inventory Management solution.

Note: All the objects defined are Salesforce standard objects. So any customization or integration you currently have should work just fine.



  • Usually 1st step for most Salesforce org is to register new Opportunity
  • Sales Rep configures the opportunity using existing process*


Quote (Optional)

  • If your org uses Quote module, create Quote from the Opportunity
  • Send quote/contract to end customer


Payment Received?

  • Update Quote status which will update opportunity stage or
  • Directly update Opportunity Stage to Close Won



  • Opportunity Stage of Close Won creates new Order
  • You can configure what default Order looks like
  • Once ready to ship, activate the Order . Shipping may make more sense if you sell physical goods. If you are a SAAS business, think of it as once the subscription is active



  • Depending on the configuration you can choose when to start renewal process. For example, 30 days prior to Order Expiration
  • System will automatically create Renewal Opportunity and Line Items using original Opportunity as base Opportunity. Note: Only “Recurring” items will be copied to Renewal Opportunity, any “One-Time” items will be skipped
  • Depending on configuration, it will automatically create Renewal Quote for Renewal Opportunity
    Simply update Opportunity Stage once renewal is paid and the cycle continues

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Order Creation #

Many businesses already use Lead, Opportunity and Quote objects in Salesforce for their “Lead to Cash” flow. For many businesses, once opportunity is closed, rest of the process are handled in external systems or excel file.  This procedure is very insufficient as it requires huge amount of manual entry mostly because of –

  • Compiling orders as they arrive
  • Manually processing them before entering them in external system

Salesforce realized this and came with new object – Order to manage Sales Order in Salesforce. We take advantage of this standard object to manage Orders and Renewals in one seamless flow. We understand that “one size fits all” does not apply here as each business have their unique way to entering Orders and when to start Renewals. Keeping this into consideration, you have complete control on when an Order should be created, what the defaults values should be, when to start the renewal, etc


Order Automation

You may already be using Opportunity Stage to keep track of your pipeline. Why not take that one step further to manage your Orders too? You can configure what Opportunity Stage would create Order. For example, in below screenshot, moving Opportunity to Closed Won, automatically creates the Order along with Order Items.

Click on the Order to see the details. With Order Automation, Reps do not have to worry about entering the details manually. All the products are copied to Order and depending on the configuration, it will automatically populate Start Date and End Date and Renewal information. Once verified, all they have to do is Activate the Order.


Please look at the configuration section to configure default field values when an order is created.

Order Renewal #

In the previous section we saw how to automatically generate an Order based on Opportunity stage. Once an Order is created and verified, Reps simply have to verify the renewal information, which again is defaulted based on org settings. They can update the renewal period, if required.

Take a look at below generated Order. It has 3 line items and will renew 30 days prior to expiration date. On 06/23/2019, renewal opportunity will be created with line items from the order.


Note: Only products marked as Recurring will be copied to renewal opportunity. This way you have total control of what are your recurring vs one-time products. Please edit the page layout if you do not see “Type” field.


Renewal Opportunity

On the renewal date, renewal opportunity will be automatically created with necessary line items from the order. Depending on the configuration, renewal quote may be created as well.

All renewal opportunities will be tagged with original opportunity and order it was created from.


Please look at the configuration section to configure default field values when renewal opportunity is created.

Field Configuration #

The application takes advantage of Salesforce Custom Metadata for field configuration. This makes it very easy for System Administration to configure the application to meet your unique business needs and easily deploy the settings from sandbox to production.

Go to Setup >> Search for Custom Metadata >> Click Mange next to “Field Config”


Order Configuration

Select “Create Order” list view to see default Order and Order Item field configuration.

You can either modify existing field configuration or create new. The field configuration drives default Order behavior once an Opportunity is Closed Won.  For example, take a look at below configuration


Order Effective Date: The default Effective Date for newly created order will be current date.


Order End Date: The default End Date for newly created order will be “Opportunity Close Date + 1 year”. You can change any field you see in below screenshot to meet your business needs.


Renewal Opportunity

Select “Renewal Opportunity” from the list view to configure default field values for renewal opportunity. The configuration is similar as above.


Renewal Quote

Select “Renewal Quote” from the list view to configure default field values for renewal quote. The configuration is similar as above.

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