PDF Generator Version Update

2.14 (released Dec’2016)

  • Lightning Ready
  • Hide Time from DateTime field
  • Created PDF and send email from SF1
  • Email multiple attachments

2.9 – 2.13 (released Nov’2016)

  • Quote PDF renamed to PDF Generator
  • Now create PDF for all custom objects and most of the standard objects
  • Support for checkbox fields
  • Deprecated “PDF Asset Fields” object. You can now show Assets on PDF using  “PDF Section”
  • All buttons updated from JavaScript to URL which is required for Lightning

2.6 – 2.8 (released Sept’2016)

  • Hide aggregate fields (rows) which has blank/null value
  • Option to show Asset section on new page
  • Dynamic formatting of currency, number, percent, and date fields
  • External attachments enhancement
  • Bug fix: dynamic bundle section now shows in correct order

2.4 – 2.5 (released May’2016)

  • Additional info after sections
  • Hide Time from DateTime field
  • Store PDF on attachment on Quote
  • Bug Fix

2.1 – 2.3 (released Feb’2016)

  • Show bundles in various formats – vertical or side-by-side comparison
  • Cell padding feature added for Sections/BOM

2.0 (released Dec’2015) 

  • Initial, Title, and Full Name tabs for DocuSign
  • Clone template and section along with all related info
  • Bug fixes

1.21 (released Sep’2015)

  • Automatically create PDF for quote and opportunity based on your business logic. For example “Opportunity is Closed/Won” or “Quote is Approved”
  • For Product Bundle / CPQ customers, greater flexibility to display bundles on PDF
  • Styling options for aggregate fields
  • Bug fixes

1.20 (released Aug’ 2015)

  • PDF can now be sent from “Opportunity” record
  • Recipients can be added as To, CC, or BCC
  • Support for additional type and format for aggregate fields
  • “Bundle View ” – hides bundle items and just show aggregated view on PDF. Applicable to customers using Product Bundle app
  • Minor enhancements

1.19 (released Apr’ 2015)

  • Bug fix – too many email invocations
  • Automate recipients using custom settings

1.18 (released Jan’ 2015)

  • Enhancements to “Send Email”
  • Option to preview templates before making them live

1.17 (released Dec’ 2014)

  • Support for e-signature using DocuSign
  • Watermark feature
  • Option to hide header and footer on title page
  • Enhancements to currency fields
  • Support for more than 1 recipient (Contact or User)
  • Bug fixes

1.16 (released Jun’ 2014)

  • Group by any Product or Quote Item field. Disabled Group By validation
  • Bug fixes

1.15 (released Jun’ 2014)

  • Enhancement to aggregate fields
  • Border color for quote items and asset table
  • Support for User (Created By) object
  • Option to hide certain Quote Item and Asset records
  • Option to hide row #
  • Alternate row color for bundle items

1.14 (released Apr’ 2014)

  • Alternate row color for Bundle items
  • Bug Fix – Bundle header not showing on PDF

1.13 (released Apr’ 2014)

  • Customize title, header, and footer with custom HTML
  • Section can be displayed new page
  • Aggregate section on any numeric field

1.12 (released Apr’ 2014)

  • Enhancements to Asset object
  • Support for additional currencies
  • Smart page break

1.11 (released Mar’ 2014)

  • T&C does not start from new page by default

1.10 (released Mar’ 2014)

  • Bug fixes

1.9 (released Feb’ 2014)

  • Bug fixes

1.8 (released Feb’ 2014)

  • Support for multiple product sections on PDF
  • Alternate row color

1.4 (released Sep’2013)

  • Support for Asset object

v1.3 (released Aug’ 2013)

  • Support for currency fields on PDF

v1.2 (released Aug’ 2013)

  • Group items by any Product field