Product Bundle Version Update

4.13 – 4.25 (released Aug’2017)

– Easily edit products and bundles after they are added to opportunity or quote

– New Hierarchy field to easily distinguish between duplicate bundles and products on single opportunity or quote

– New Unit of Measure (UoM) feature to define group/box pricing, aka “Minimum Orderable Quantity”

– Sort bundles to show most commonly used bundles at the top

– Now Schedule Opportunity and update them all in one screen

– Bug Fixes


4.9 – 4.12 (released Apr’2017)

– Active flag for Volume Pricing

– New feature – Cart

– UI & CSS improvements

– API update to v39

– Bug Fixes


4.7 – 4.8 (released Nov’2016)

– Better way to manage Child Bundles

– Bug Fixes


4.1 – 4.6 (released August’2016)

– Now add bundles to standard Order object!

– UI improvements and enhancements

– Bug fixes


4.0 (released Jun’2016)

– Lightning ready

– Add bundles even faster with help of “Auto Expand” flag

– Support for default Product Schedule


3.40 – 3.54 (released Jan’2016)

– Bundle Line Item lookup field on opportunity and quote line item objects

– Attribute Pricing – calculate pricing based on product attributes

– JavaScript fix for IE9

– Bug fixes


3.39 (released Oct’2015)

– Now add bundles even quicker by changing total sale price which updates each line item accordingly

– Got long Product description? Now app supports short and long version of description on quote and opportunity line item

– Validation engine is built from ground up making it easy to identify required fields

– Speed improvements

–  Bug Fixes


3.38 (released Sep’2015)

– Deprecated “Replace item with Bundle” when creating bundle-on-the-fly

– Better sort functionality to retain bundle item order on opportunity and quote

– Segment field deprecated on account and moved to opportunity. Segment can have multiple values

– “Generate Product” enhancement – automatically map bundle cost, sale price, and pricebook thereby avoiding any errors

– Bug fixes


3.37 (released Sep’2015)

– Separate screens for adding bundles and products

– Uniformly edit a field across all items within bundle

– Support for volume pricing when adding bundles


3.36 (released May’2015)

– Option to prevent users from changing individual product pricing

– UI enhancements


3.35 (released Mar’2015)

– Bug fixes


3.33 (released Feb’2015)

– Deprecated cost field on product object and moved it to pricebookentry object


3.29 (released Dec’2014)

– Mark certain items as required/mandatory within a bundle

– Better and faster UI

– Support for child bundles

– Support for custom fields while searching products

– New Welcome Page with quick links

– Bug fixes


3.26 (released May’2014)

– Toggle “Advance Filter”, “Bundle Section”, “Sort By” using custom setting

– Better support for picklist and multi select fields

– Option to override standard “Add Product” page

– Just like discount, update margin to view updated pricing in real time



3.25 (released Apr’2014)

– Discount changes sale price custom setting

– Volume pricing tooltip – easily view all the slabs and savings in real time!


3.23 (released Mar’2014)

– UI enhancements

– Quick Save bundles and products

– Option to customize “Bundle Items” field

– Product “FieldsToCopy” field sets deprecated and moved to PricebookEntry object

– Limit number of products to display

-Bug fixes


3.21 (released Feb’2014)

– Renamed “Tiered Pricing” to “Volume Pricing”

– Support for “flat rate” along with “discount” for volume pricing

– Additional custom setting fields for greater flexibility

– Support for product cost, margin, and image


3.18 (released Oct’2013)

– Option to choose bundle items while adding bundles

– Support for standard pricebook object. Deprecated custom pricebook object

-Bug fixes


3.14 (released Aug’2013)

– Start and end dates are no longer mandatory

– Omni-search – add products and bundle in one go


3.13 (released Jul’2013)

– Copy bundle header field to each opportunity or quote line item

– Security – prevent users from modifying certain bundle fields

– Refresh multiple bundles


3.12 (released May’2013)

– Support for Tiered pricing

– Group products by family making it easy to configure them


3.11 (released May’2013)

– Support to discount sale price directly or sub total


3.10 (released Apr’2013)

– Create bundle-on-the-fly

– Support for custom fields while adding bundles – FieldsToCopy bundle field set


3.8 (released Feb’2013)

– Data integrity – if bundle item is deleted from opportunity or quote, delete entire bundle


3.7 (released Feb’2013)

– New hierarchy custom setting for profile specific configuration

– View line item history in a bundle


3.5 (released Jan’2013)

– Support for custom fields to filter and sort products

– Disabled long text area search


3.4 (released Dec’2012)

– Replace items within a bundle


3.2 (released Oct’2012)

– “Add or Edit” button to configure bundles quickly

– Bundle FieldSet to add custom fields

– Custom Pricebook object

– “Bundle Items” field and work flow rules to quickly review bundle


2.9, 3.0 (released Sep’2012)

– Track bundles on quote using “Copied from Bundle” field

– “Generate Product” enhancement


2.7, 2.8 (released Aug’2012)

– Field Sets enhancements

– Directly add bundles to Opportunity and Quote using “Add Bundle” list button


2.4, 2.5 (released Jul’2012)

– Support for PE orgs.

– Sorting of Opportunity and Quote line items


2.2, 2.3 (release Jun’2012)

– Field Sets for easy customization and showing fields on VF pages


2.0 (released Mar’2012)

– Support for Quote object. Add bundles to Quote