Our philosophy is to simplify CPQ implementation by offering different modules of CPQ and enabling you to pick and choose the apps/features based on your needs. Why waste time implementing expensive CPQ solutions with all the bells and whistles that are not relevant to your business case?
Some of the salient features of our apps to make your decision easier –
  • All the apps are 100% Salesforce native and fully support standard features like security, workflow, page layouts, etc.)
  • Works standalone as well as integrated
  • Fully customizable as per business needs, including triggers and external integration
  • Easy configuration and roll-out
  • Works in classic and Lightning
  • Excellent support
  • Less expensive and easy to implement (on an average 2-3 days)
  • Minimal user training required
  • Free upgrades

App Details

Product Bundles

Tutorial | Free Trial | Purchase

  • Product Bundling to add multiple products in one click
  • Supports Segmentation, Bulk & Tiered Pricing
  • Guided Selling – See the historical pricing
  • Supports multiple-currencies, bulk discount and approval process
  • Customized & flexible PDF generation for Quote, invoice, contract, order etc. through PDF Generator with Docusign E-Signature

PDF Generator

Tutorial | Free Trial | Purchase

  • Generate branded PDF on any SFDC object
  • Controlled Page Breaks
  • Highly customizable templates
  • Pull SFDC data into PDF using merge fields
  • MS Word like styling features
  • Page numbers & functions for date, currency etc.
  • Tables for related lists with option to group items
  • E-Signature using Docusign (optional)
  • Integrated with Product Bundle for bundle views

Order Management and Renewals

Tutorial | Free Trial | Purchase

  • Auto create Order with Opportunity Products
  • Renew Opportunity as per renewal date
  • Configurable renewal date
  • Sync custom fields between Opportunity & Order
  • Control auto quote creation during renewal
  • Auto PDFs generation for invoices using PDF Generator


Tutorial | Free Trial | Purchase


  • Clone any standard or custom object with related lists
  • Set Default field values while cloning
  • Enhanced grid to configure related lists / child objects
  • Provide default field values, field over-rides & display orders
  • Existing field level security, validation rules, and other work flow rules honored
  • Configure clone behavior for record types
  • Supports User, Team Member, and Campaign Members